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Back-up Power, Green Power

We are electrical contractors. COC available.


We can supply and install back-up power solutions during load shedding, or as alternative power source:


  • Inverters - pure sine-wave and modified sine-wave (step wave)

  • Deep cycle batteries

  • UPS

  • Photo-voltaic solar panels (green power)

  • Charge regulators for solar panels


We can install petrol or diesel generators, with automatic or manual change over switches between Eskom and your power generator.


We will assist you to calculate the amount of back-up power you will require, according to your needs.


We have experience in back-up (alternative power) solutions for homes, as well as businesses that have a small or large power consumption.


We service the Greater Johannesburg area, including Sandton, Roodepoort, Randburg and surrounding areas.


For more information or a quotation, please contact us.


Contact: Tom le Grange

Cell Phone / WhatsApp: 084 502 4164