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Jacuzzi and Pool Heat Pumps

We supply and install Jacuzzi and swimming pool heat pumps (heat exchangers), with 50 mm plumbing pipes.

A heat pump that is used to heat up a spa, Jacuzzi or swimming pool, can save you a lot of money, because it uses heat energy from a renewable source. You will have a fully heated pool, spa or Jacuzzi to swim or relax in all year round.

We supply and install the following heat pump (heat exchanger) sizes:


5.6 kw - up to 20 000 litre pool or Jacuzzi

9.5 kw - up to 35 000 litre swimming pool

12.5 kw - up to 50 000 litre swimming pool

17.0 kw - up to 70 000 litre swimming pool

21.0 kw - up to 100 000 litre swimming pool (380 volt, 3 phase)

26.0 kw - up to 110 000 litre swimming pool (380 volt, 3 phase)

31.0 kw - up to 165 000 litre swimming pool (380 volt, 3 phase)

45.0 kw - up to 250 000 litre swimming pool (380 volt, 3 phase)


We do a complete and compliant installation, which includes the correct thickness electrical cable and and all the required plumbing to heat up your pool or Jacuzzi.

We offer a complete service, should you require it. Supply and delivery of material, complete product installations, construction work, finishing touches, clean-up and rubble removal afterwards.

We service the Greater Johannesburg area, including Sandton, Roodepoort, Randburg, and surrounding areas.

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