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Turbine Ventilators, Whirlybird

Turbine ventilators provide ventilation for homes and industrial buildings, with no electricity costs. It can be installed on tiled roofs, as well as on galvanised steel roofs, including patio roofs and on containers. It can be installed in conjunction with roof insulation. It can be used as ventilation for spray booths and Wendy houses .


We supply a vent that is specially designed for vehicles | GP Vent, white colour, 130 mm opening. Installation can be done by ourselves on fiberglass canopies etc.


In summer, turbine ventilators extract heat, helping reduce air-conditioning bills.


In winter, roof ventilation systems vent moisture-laden or overly humid air.


Advantages of Turbine Ventilators:


  • Wind driven. No electricity is used. 100% "green" and cost effective

  • Completely silent

  • Waterproof

  • Maintenance free


A variety of products are available for different applications. This includes the Whirlybird, Cyclovent, LP Vent, Supavent and Twister. Products are available in plain galvanized steel, aluminium, chromadek, polycarbonate etc.


The 300 mm Whirlybird is most commonly used for domestic environments.


We offer expert installation of all  turbine ventilators.


We offer a complete service, should you require it. Supply and delivery of material, complete product installations, construction work, finishing touches, clean-up and rubble removal afterwards. 


We service the Greater Johannesburg area, including Sandton, Roodepoort, Randburg and surrounding areas.


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