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Roof Insulation - DIY Installation Guide

We provide a roof insulation installation service in the Greater Johannesburg and surrounding areas.


Herewith some guidelines, should you wish to do a DIY installation.


Safety During Installation:


  • Think Green roof insulation is easy and safe to install. It does not contain any hazardous chemicals

  • No special clothing it required during installation, as the material does not cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. It does not contain glass fibres or sharp objects that can cut you

  • It is recommended that a dust mask be worn as protection against the dust in the ceiling

  • Correct fitting shoes should be worn to prevent slipping or falling in the roof, and to protect your feet against splinters in the roof trusses

  • Make sure your ladder is standing on a solid surface

  • Ladders should be secured by strapping it to the roof structure.  Alternatively, someone should hold the ladder steady when it is in use

  • Be careful not to step on the ceiling board, as you may damage the ceiling or fall through the ceiling and sustain injuries 


Installation Guidelines: 


  • It is recommended that the installation be carried out by more than one person (2 to 3 persons, depending on the amount of work)

  • When installation is done in a corrugated iron roof, the only access is normally through the trapdoor

  • Make sure you have sufficient electric light or torches in order to see inside the roof cavity

  • In the case of a tiled roof, access to the roof cavity could be gained by removing a few roof tiles. Alternatively, enter through the trapdoor

  • Sufficient light may be obtained by opening a few roof tiles, in order for sunlight to enter the roof cavity

  • Measure the distance between the roof beams or roof trusses and cut the roof insulation to size before laying it on the ceiling 

  • The roof insulation should be laid flat on the ceiling, placed snugly between the roof beams or roof trusses. Minimum space between roof insulation and ceiling should be allowed.

  • Place the roof insulation below electric cables inside the roof

  • It is a good idea to wrap insulation material around the geyser and the hot water pipes, in order to save electricity costs

  • Do not waste off-cuts. Use it to fill gaps, crevices and corners

  • Remember to close all tiles that were opened, to prevent rainwater from entering the roof

  • Please recycle the plastic packaging and the paper instruction sheets inside the packaging


Think Green roof insulation is maintenance free and there is no degradation over time


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