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Parking Bay Lines and Numbers

We paint traffic lines, parking bay lines and numbers on all surfaces, including tar, paving bricks, concrete slabs etc. We specialize in complexes, office blocks, doctor's rooms, hotels, day care centres and shopping centre areas.


We are available to make and install manual lockable steel bollards to control vehicle access. Security products can be installed, if required.


We can mark parking bays and other areas with numbers, or words such as "RESERVED", "NO PARKING", "VISITOR", "NO ENTRY", "EMERGENCY VEHICLES". We can mark loading zones, no parking areas, fire hydrants and paint directional arrows, as required.


We use SABS approved road marking paint.


We service the Greater Johannesburg area, including Sandton, Roodepoort, Randburg, and surrounding areas.


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Contact: Tom le Grange

Cell Phone / WhatsApp: 084 502 4164

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